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Raised in Hong Kong, Lau Man-Pan gained his Bachelor degree in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012 and his Master of fine art in painting from the Frank Mohr Institute in 2022.


His multidisciplinary practice revolves around the notion of painting to convey his view on identity and freedom. The experience of travelling or migration has driven his exploration of the idea of otherness, homeland, and bias. Expressing his anxiety and worry about an ahistorical perspective on identity, his artworks reflect his traumatic experience related to drifting and migration in the contemporary context.


Paintings as his major means to rebel against forgetting reveal the idea of emotional memories. A distinctive aspect of images and their working emerges; that of memory. Images become mnemonic repositories, places where remains of identity are discovered and enshrined. Both the internet and his personal photographic archive are sources to discover the possible everyday icons of our time.


'The human' is a main subject that he always seek to discover and reveal, especially through engendering recognition via images. He is interested in finding traces of human existence in the distance between reality and its depiction. His work is devoted to something that lies beyond the enigma of re-presentation and its mechanisms of relatability. Alongside, the relations between himself and his subjects take significance in the way that people and surroundings come to mirror him.

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