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The Impossible Dream of Equality


The Impossible Dream of Equality, 2023
glazed earthenware

variable dimensions

Within the captivating exhibition hosted in the lunchroom of Museum Het Schip, I embark on a thought-provoking exploration of the fundamental concept of brick, presenting it from an entirely novel perspective. Rather than relying on traditional brick materials, I ingeniously employ the technique of mould casting to craft my interpretation of these iconic building blocks. This artistic endeavour serves as a profound reflection on the theme of social equality.

A distinctive hallmark of my artwork lies in my decision to envelop my brick-like creations in a glaze reminiscent of the exquisite Delftware. This glazing technique is provocative, intriguingly reminiscent of the opulent Chinese porcelain historically reserved for the privileged elite. Through this deliberate choice, I delve into accessibility, aesthetics, and imitation, sparking an intricate dialogue surrounding the delicate balance of equal rights for all members of society, particularly the labouring class.

The application of this lustrous glaze serves as a poignant means by which I skillfully navigate the interplay between art and viewers. By embracing an approach that beckons interaction, I astutely dismantle the conventional barriers that traditionally separate the observer from the artwork. This immersive experience allows anyone, regardless of background or status, to tangibly engage with my piece, thereby breathing life into the overarching thematic exploration of inclusivity.

The exhibition unveils an ingenious fusion of my artistic innovation and profound societal contemplation. My oeuvre prompts an intricate discourse on the multifaceted dimensions of social equity and human connection through the unconventional creation of brick-like forms, juxtaposing opulent glazing techniques, and the dissolution of the art-viewer boundary.

(written by chatGPT)


installation view in the  lunch room ofmuseum het Schip

In the process of creation, a brick from a construction site was moulded as a starting unit of the project. 

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