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Washing a Belief II


Performance still 

 I want to question the notion of cleaning as means to be free from unwanted matter.  “How clean is clean?” The performance is an extension of my work A Demonstration to Wash a Belief, that implies the metaphor for thought reform, questioning the correction of thought and its consequence.

A performer washed away the stain from another performer's clothes, creating dialogue between two individuals. The blueness in my works as symbolic colour can be further contextualised, creating room for the spiritual and various interpretations.

Performance video documentation 

Performance documentation 

The project was the first collaboration with textile artist, Nancy, Lan-Hsin Tu, who designed the costume and transformed the unprimed painting canvas into a jacket. The jacket was stained after that.

The remain jacket after the wash performance as a form of discarded belief remaining us a belief will never dissappear.

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